Shabbat / Sabbath – Messianic Apologetics – God Honest Truth 03/17/2023

It is the only one of the ten commandments that we are told to remember. “’Remember the Sabbath day”. Yet in much of mainstream christianity it is the main one that is forgotten and sometimes intentionally. Many verses speak to the importance of the sabbath. Our Messiah taught about and exemplified the sabbath. Scriptures even speak about the apostles and those in the Brit Chadasha (aka New Testament) still observing the sabbath.

But why do some christians think that the sabbath has been changed? Why do some christians think that the sabbath is no longer important? When did this “change” occur and why? Join us for this teaching on the very important subject of the fourth commandment from Yahweh. Join us as we learn the truth: the God Honest Truth.

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