So you have heard the term “Messianic”. Maybe someone you know stated that they are Messianic or maybe you ran across someone in your daily travels that said they are Messianic. But what IS Messianic? What do Messianics believe? How are Messianics different from Christians or are Messianics different at all? During this article we are going to explore and go over the Messianic movement, what it is, and what Messianics believe.Continue Reading

The subject of the sabbath is one that has been debated over the years. Some claim Sunday, some claim the seventh day, and yet others claim that the sabbath is determined based on the cycle of the moon. In this episode we are going to take a look at this latter claim, commonly referred to as “Lunar Sabbath”. We are going to look at some history, some opinions, and of course, lots of scripture. So join us as we learn the truth about the lunar sabbath. Join us as we learn the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading

Scripture reveals that Yahuweh Himself instituted a day of rest every single week. But what day of the week is it exactly? Is it Sunday, Saturday, or some other day? Did the Sabbath day change at some point? Join us tonight as we learn what scripture says about the sabbath day and also some of the history surrounding the sabbath. Come learn the truth with us: the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading