Paul’s writings have significantly influenced Christian doctrine, but they often spark debate regarding his communication style and the consistency of his teachings. Analyzing his letters, we will examine his writing style, rhetorical skills, and how effectively he conveyed his messages. We will break down Paul’s teachings on marriage and compare them with other biblical passages to see if they align with the broader scriptural context.

Whether you’re a theology student, a curious Christian, or someone interested in biblical studies, this video aims to provide a more complete understanding of these pivotal questions about the Apostle Paul. So join us as we learn the God Honest Truth about Paul’s articulation in his letters and his teachings on marriage.
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Join us on a captivating journey through the intricate web of historical and theological debates surrounding one of Christianity’s most enigmatic figures: the Apostle Paul. In this video, we delve deep into the question of whether Paul should be revered as an unwavering advocate for the Christian faith or viewed with skepticism as a potential adversary.

We uncover the complexities of Paul’s character and the multifaceted nature of his contributions to the faith. We critically evaluate the evidence both for and against Paul’s role as a champion of the gospel. Was he a staunch defender of Christian principles, or did his teachings diverge from the teachings of our Messiah?

Additionally, we tackle head-on the contentious issue of Paul’s apostleship. Did he truly receive a divine calling, or was his authority self-appointed? Throughout the video, we encourage you the viewer to engage critically with the material presented and form your own conclusions. Whether you’re a devout believer, a skeptic, or simply curious about the complexities of early Christianity, this exploration of the Apostle Paul promises to challenge your preconceptions and ignite a deeper understanding of one of the most influential figures in religious history.

Prepare to embark on a journey of discovery as we unravel the mystery of the Apostle Paul’s legacy. Join us as we learn the God Honest Truth about Paul of Tarsus.
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Step back in time and embark on a transformative journey through the life and times of one of Christianity’s most influential figures: the Apostle Paul. In this video, we delve deep into the remarkable story of Paul, from his dramatic conversion on the road to Damascus to his tireless missionary journeys across the ancient world.

Learn about Paul’s extraordinary life as he navigates persecution, spreads the message of Jesus Christ, and establishes vibrant Christian communities in the midst of cultural and religious diversity. Explore some of the mysteries of Paul’s prolific epistles, gaining profound insights into his theology, passion, and unwavering commitment to the gospel.

Whether you’re a seasoned theologian or simply curious about the origins of Christianity, this video offers a captivating exploration of the man who shaped the course of history and inspired countless generations with his unwavering faith and dedication to spreading the Good News. Join us as we uncover the timeless wisdom and timeless relevance of the Apostle Paul’s life and teachings. Join us as we learn the God Honest Truth about the Apostle Paul.
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In this video, we delve into the profound concept of submission as outlined in the Bible. Join us as we explore various passages from both the Old and New Testaments, dissecting the meaning and significance of submission in the context of faith and relationships. From the submission of wives to their husbands to the broader concept of submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ and submitting to Christ and the Father, we examine the nuances and practical applications of biblical submission.

Our aim is not only to unravel the scriptural teachings but also to address common misconceptions and challenges associated with this topic. Through engaging commentary and relevant examples, we strive to make the timeless wisdom of the Bible accessible and applicable to modern-day life. Whether you are seeking guidance on navigating relationships or simply interested in biblical interpretation, this video provides an exploration of what the Bible truly says about submission.

Join the conversation and deepen your understanding of this foundational principle of faith. Do not miss out on this opportunity to gain clarity and wisdom from the Word of God. So come along with us as we learn the God Honest Truth about what the Bible says about submission.
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In this video, we embark on a journey through one of the most significant and cherished holidays in the Scriptural calendar: Passover, or Pesach. This moed and feast day which commemorates the liberation of the Hebrews from slavery in ancient Egypt, is not merely a historical event but a living tradition celebrated by millions around the world.

In this educational guide, we will cover everything you need to know about Passover. Delve into the historical context of Passover, understanding its biblical origins and the story of Exodus. Learn about the meticulous preparations leading up to Passover, including the cleaning of the home to remove chametz (leavened products) and the procurement of special foods. Explore the significance of matzah, the unleavened bread eaten during Passover, and its symbolic representation of sinlessness. And learn how Passover is celebrated in the modern world.

Whether you are a newcomer to Passover traditions or seeking to deepen your understanding, this video serves as a guide to the essence of Pesach, otherwise known as Passover. Join us in embracing the timeless wisdom and enduring spirit of this sacred holiday and the importance of this holiday with our Messiah Yahushua.

Chag Pesach Sameach! (Happy Passover!)
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In this captivating video, we journey through the life and teachings of one of the most enigmatic figures of the Old Testament – the Prophet Jeremiah. Often referred to as the “Weeping Prophet,” Jeremiah lived during a tumultuous period in ancient Israel’s history. Through his prophetic calling, he fearlessly confronted kings, priests, and people alike, delivering messages of warning, repentance, and hope from the Divine.

Join us as we uncover the profound insights embedded within Jeremiah’s prophecies and explore the historical context surrounding his ministry. Discover how his words resonate with timeless truths that transcend the ages, offering guidance and wisdom for our lives today.

From his poignant lamentations over the fall of Jerusalem to his visions of restoration and renewal, Jeremiah’s message is as relevant and compelling now as it was centuries ago. Through meticulous analysis and thoughtful reflection, we aim to unravel the complexities of his prophetic mission and glean invaluable lessons for our spiritual journey.

This video will help to deepen your understanding of Jeremiah’s significance and inspire you to contemplate the enduring relevance of his message in our contemporary world. Prepare to be enlightened and inspired as we embark on this illuminating exploration of the life and teachings of the Prophet Jeremiah. Join us for this teaching as we learn the God Honest Truth about the life and times of the prophet Jeremiah.Continue Reading

Are you curious about what the Bible teaches about salvation? In this enlightening video, we delve deep into the scriptures to uncover the profound meaning of salvation is according to biblical teachings.

Salvation is a central concept in Christianity, but it’s true essence often gets clouded by misconceptions and differing interpretations. Join us on a journey through the pages of the Bible as we explore the rich tapestry of salvation—from its origins in the Old Testament to its fulfillment in the New Testament.

Discover the significance of salvation in the Christian faith and its relevance to our lives today. We’ll examine key passages and narratives that elucidate the nature of salvation, shedding light on its transformative power and eternal implications.

We will also dispel common myths from mainstream traditions that salvation is dependent on the personalized doctrines of their particular denomination.

Whether you’re a seasoned believer seeking a deeper understanding or someone exploring Christianity for the first time, this video offers valuable insights that will challenge and inspire you. Gain clarity on what salvation truly means and how it shapes our relationship with God and each other.
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In this enlightening video, we delve deep into the intricate nuances of what the Bible truly communicates about judging others. Join us on a journey through scripture as we unravel common misconceptions and shed light on the profound wisdom encapsulated within the sacred text.

Are Christians called to judge? What does the Bible say about addressing wrongdoing within the community? These questions and more are explored with clarity and insight, drawing upon the richness of biblical teachings.

Through careful examination, we navigate through passages often misinterpreted, clarifying the true essence of Messiah’s message. Discover the balance between discernment and condemnation, understanding the heart of Yahweh’s commandments regarding judgment.

Whether you’re a seasoned theologian or simply curious about biblical perspectives, this video provides a thought-provoking exploration into a topic central to Christian ethics and morality. Gain a deeper understanding of how to navigate relationships, conflicts, and moral dilemmas with grace and wisdom rooted in scripture.

Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery, seeking to align our understanding with the profound truths found within the pages of the Bible. Don’t miss out on this insightful discussion that promises to challenge assumptions and inspire a renewed perspective on the role of judgment in the Christian faith. Join us as we learn the God Honest Truth about judging.
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Unfortunately I have been very sick since Tuesday. Yesterday I thought it was behind me, but today my temperature jumped way up again. I regret to inform you brothers and sisters, that I will be unable to conduct service this evening for 2/2/24. Hopefully this sickness will be gone soon so that service can resume next week. Take care of yourselves, take care of each other, Shabbat shalom, and shavua tov!Continue Reading

Dive into the facts with our latest video as we address and debunk misconceptions surrounding polygyny. In this insightful counterargument, we respond to videos put out by two widely-viewed channels that have presented incorrect perspectives on the practice of polygyny. We aim to offer a well-rounded and nuanced comprehension of this misunderstood topic, backed by research and scripture.

In this video we cover the angle of the “creation model” argument as well as various passages from the Brit Chadasha (aka New Testament). We show how these arguments and verses do not prohibit or oppose the concept of polygyny.
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In this thought-provoking video, we delve into a comprehensive rebuttal of teachings on polygamy presented by David Wilber and Mike Winger. Our goal is to provide a balanced and informed perspective on this controversial topic. We carefully analyze the arguments put forth by each of these brothers, exploring the historical and biblical context surrounding polygamy.

Join us as we navigate through the scriptures, addressing key passages often cited in opposition to polygamous relationships. Our aim is to foster understanding and critical thinking, encouraging viewers to question and evaluate the interpretations presented by these brothers.

This video is not intended to criticize or condemn, but rather to facilitate an open dialogue and promote a deeper understanding of diverse viewpoints on this complex subject.
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In this video, we are diving into the arguments presented in “Does the Bible Endorse Polygamy?” by @119Ministries to provide a thoughtful and respectful rebuttal and shed light on the often misunderstood practice of polygyny. Join us as we address the misconceptions surrounding polygyny and present a counter-argument to 119 Ministries, backed by scripture, scholars, history, and more. Our goal is not to alienate those with a different opinion regarding polygyny, but rather to foster understanding and promote a conversation about this age-old practice.

Throughout the video, we’ll provide a more well-rounded view of polygyny. Our aim is to encourage critical thinking and open dialogue, allowing viewers to form their own conclusions based on a comprehensive understanding of the subject.Continue Reading

In this video of our teaching series on polygyny, we delve into the fascinating advantages and disadvantages of polygynous relationships, shedding light on the complexities surrounding this age-old practice. We will learn about potential economic benefits that polygynous households may experience, including shared resources and division of labor. We will discover how polygynous relationships can create expansive support systems, providing emotional and practical assistance within the family structure.

In addition we will also explore the potential emotional complexities and struggles that individuals in polygynous relationships may face, from jealousy to communication issues and uncover the social challenges and stigmas that individuals in polygynous relationships may encounter, both within their communities and on a broader scale.

Join us as we explore advantageous and disadvantageous aspects of plural marriage. Come with us as we get into the good, the bad, the ugly, but most importantly, the truth: the God Honest Truth.
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Explore the fascinating tapestry of polygyny through history.” Join us as we embark on a captivating exploration of polygamy, tracing its roots through different cultures and time periods. From first century Israel to modern societies, this video delves into the historical tale of those who practiced plural marriage.

Discover how polygamy has been woven into the fabric of societies and groups that you would not even consider being polygamous. Gain insights into the historical account of polygyny that you are never told about. We will examine various perspectives on polygamy, from its inclusion in the first century all the way up to today.

Join us as we navigate the complexities of the historical account of polygyny to even include famous historical figures. Do not miss this thought-provoking journey into the past and present of polygamy – a testament to the endurance of scriptural marriage. Join us as we learn the God Honest Truth about the history of polygyny.
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Dive into the historical roots of Christmas in this eye-opening video that explores the origins of this long held tradition. Join us on a journey through ancient traditions, customs, and beliefs that have shaped the modern celebration of Christmas.

Discover how many Christmas customs, such as decorating trees, amongst others, have their roots in pre-Christian cultures. Uncover the influence of winter solstice celebrations, Roman festivals, and other pagan traditions that have been seamlessly woven into the fabric of the holiday we know today.

Challenge your understanding of Christmas and explore the layers of history that often go unnoticed during the holiday season. Whether you celebrate Christmas or are curious about its origins, this video invites you to question the familiar and rethink the cultural influences that have shaped our modern festivities.

Share your thoughts in the comments below and let’s engage in a respectful conversation about the diverse historical tapestry that contributes to the rich and complex nature of Christmas. Don’t forget to like, subscribe, and ring the notification bell to stay updated on our thought-provoking content!

#ChristmasOrigins #PaganInfluence #HolidayHistory #Christmas #xmas
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Join us for a captivating teaching as we unwrap the traditions, history, and significance of Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights! In this teaching we delve into the heartwarming story and vibrant customs that make Hanukkah a cherished celebration. Gain a deeper understanding of the cultural significance of Hanukkah, its global observance, and the diverse ways in which communities come together to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness.

Join us as we explore the historical roots of Hanukkah arising from the Maccabean victory. Discover the resilience and spirit that have kept the flame of Hanukkah alive throughout the centuries. Learn the meaning behind the story of Hanukkah, how it relates to our Messiah Yahushua, and to us today, uncovering the spiritual significance of this timeless celebration.

Indulge your senses in the mouthwatering delights of Hanukkah cuisine! From crispy latkes to sweet sufganiyot, we will explore the delectable foods that make this festival a feast for the senses. Join the fun as we spin the dreidel and unravel the excitement of this age-old game. Learn the meaning behind the Hebrew letters and discover why the dreidel has become an iconic part of Hanukkah celebrations.

Connect with us in the comments section! Share your Hanukkah traditions, ask questions, and let us celebrate Hanukkah together.

Whether you’re familiar with Hanukkah or new to its rich traditions, this teaching on Hanukkah promises to be an enlightening and festive exploration for everyone. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, and share this video with friends and family as we embark on this educational and heartwarming journey together!
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Unfortunately, events this week have prevented us from getting a drash completed. As such, the scheduled drash “Polygyny 104 – Polygyny in History” will need to be pushed to a forward date. We apologize for any inconvenience, but like always, we will be doing the Torah portions and liturgy during this live stream. Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Shabbat shalom!Continue Reading

This video pertains to a teaching session exploring the concept of polygyny according to scriptures, the word of Yahweh. The teaching aims to clarify and understand the teachings of the Bible on polygyny in a truthful and honest manner. Related video resources on polygyny are also provided.Continue Reading

As we listen to sermons in church, we rarely hear about polygynists in the Bible with maybe the exception of Solomon. This leads many to believe that the practice was extremely rare. But is that so? Come to find out, there were many MANY men in scripture who practiced polygyny, including some of the greatest men of the faith and those in the lineage of our Messiah.

Join us in this teaching as we explore what the scriptures have to say about the men of the Bible who practiced polygyny and how many there were, and could have been. Join us as we learn the God Honest Truth about the polygynist families of scripture.
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As we attend church or read through our Bible we occasionally hear about or read about certain men in the scriptures which were married to more than one woman. But we rarely ever hear a teaching on the subject which leads us to remain ignorant on the subject of plural marriage in scriptures.

In this teaching series we will explore what the scriptures have to say about plural marriage. This first teaching will lay the foundation for the rest of the series by defining and explaining the most relevant terms that will be used in the rest of the series as well as dispelling a few myths regarding the subject. So join us as we learn the God Honest Truth about what the bible says regarding plural marriage.
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It has been said in some circles that we, those of us not Jewish by birth, are Gentile Christians and therefore not expected to follow the Torah. But what is a Gentile, exactly? Learn with us together what gentile means and how scripture uses the term.Continue Reading

Halloween is the day of the year where people young and old dress up in costumes of all kinds and go around mostly after dark to ask for candy, treats, and party. All sorts of ghastly and satanic decorations are displayed on homes and businesses in celebration.

Halloween is an old tradition dating back thousands of years. It always comes around on the same date, October 31, of every year making it easy to remember. And it’s a tradition that is celebrated not only by pagans, wiccans, and atheists, but also by some Christians as well.

But where did this old tradition come from? What is it meant to symbolize? What does scripture have to say about this holiday? Join us as we learn together about Halloween and what scripture says about this tradition. Join us as we learn the truth: the God Honest Truth.
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For centuries the term “heresy” has been thrown around with hatred as slander and “orthodox” has been claimed with the utmost pride. But what is heresy and orthodoxy? Who is orthodox and who are heretics? Join us in this teaching as we learn the truth about heresy and orthodoxy. Join us as we learn the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading

Who doesn’t like camping out? How would you like 40 years of camping out? That’s what our ancestors did when they came out of Egypt. And now there’s an appointed time for us to commemorate both this event and future prophetic events by camping out for a week. In addition, there might have even been a famous birth during this time about 2000 years ago.

Join us in this teaching as we learn all about this appointed time of Sukkot, also known as the feast of tabernacles, from scripture. Join us as we learn the truth: the God Honest Truth.
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