Join us on a captivating journey through the intricate web of historical and theological debates surrounding one of Christianity’s most enigmatic figures: the Apostle Paul. In this video, we delve deep into the question of whether Paul should be revered as an unwavering advocate for the Christian faith or viewed with skepticism as a potential adversary.

We uncover the complexities of Paul’s character and the multifaceted nature of his contributions to the faith. We critically evaluate the evidence both for and against Paul’s role as a champion of the gospel. Was he a staunch defender of Christian principles, or did his teachings diverge from the teachings of our Messiah?

Additionally, we tackle head-on the contentious issue of Paul’s apostleship. Did he truly receive a divine calling, or was his authority self-appointed? Throughout the video, we encourage you the viewer to engage critically with the material presented and form your own conclusions. Whether you’re a devout believer, a skeptic, or simply curious about the complexities of early Christianity, this exploration of the Apostle Paul promises to challenge your preconceptions and ignite a deeper understanding of one of the most influential figures in religious history.

Prepare to embark on a journey of discovery as we unravel the mystery of the Apostle Paul’s legacy. Join us as we learn the God Honest Truth about Paul of Tarsus.


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