He was the greatest man to ever live. The only prophet greater than Moses. The only man who was ever sinless and perfect. He is the only brought forth son of Yahweh and He accomplished something that no one else could ever have done. He died for OUR sins andContinue Reading

One of the strongest men to ever live, a one man army, a judge of Israel, and a servant of Yahuweh. This is the life of Samson the man who started the liberation of Israel from the Philistines. Join us for this lesson as we learn about the life of Samson, points we can learn from his life, and how he is a type and shadow of Yahushua. Come with us as we learn the truth: the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading

She was a woman selected by Yahweh to lead and rule Israel against a powerful oppressor. She held the title of prophetess, wife, & ruler/judge all the same time. She helped to deliver the Israelites into a period of peace that lasted forty years. Her name is Deborah is all about her, her life, and her accomplishments. Join us as we learn the truth about Deborah: the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading