It has been said in some circles that we, those of us not Jewish by birth, are Gentile Christians and therefore not expected to follow the Torah. But what is a Gentile, exactly? Learn with us together what gentile means and how scripture uses the term.Continue Reading

Halloween is the day of the year where people young and old dress up in costumes of all kinds and go around mostly after dark to ask for candy, treats, and party. All sorts of ghastly and satanic decorations are displayed on homes and businesses in celebration.

Halloween is an old tradition dating back thousands of years. It always comes around on the same date, October 31, of every year making it easy to remember. And it’s a tradition that is celebrated not only by pagans, wiccans, and atheists, but also by some Christians as well.

But where did this old tradition come from? What is it meant to symbolize? What does scripture have to say about this holiday? Join us as we learn together about Halloween and what scripture says about this tradition. Join us as we learn the truth: the God Honest Truth.
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Shalom brothers and sisters. Unfortunately this week hasn’t gone the way we would have liked for it to go and we’re going to have to cancel the drash for this evening. We will still have the regular service, just without the drash. See you tonight at 8!Continue Reading

It’s one of the greatest feasts of the year. It commemorates the bringing of the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt and commemorates the sacrifice of our Messiah for our sins. It’s the feast of Passover. And in this teaching we will be learning all about the feast of Passover. So join us as we learn the truth: the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading

We are still not sure what happened with tonight’s stream. The slide show program locked up and we are looking into it. We will try and get the teaching up as a stand alone ondemand video soon. So be sure you are subscribed to our video channels and of course,Continue Reading

What does the bible say about consuming alcohol? Some people say that we shouldn’t consume alcohol whatsoever. Some say that the “alcohol” mentioned in the Bible was actually just non-alcoholic grape juice. And still others say that the Bible does not prohibit the consumption of alcohol. But who is right and what does scripture actually say?Continue Reading

We want to apologize to everyone, but unfortunately after we had started the stream for this evening, we ran into some technical difficulties on our end that we’re trying to work out. As soon as we do we’ll upload an ondemand video of tonight’s service, but there will not beContinue Reading

We’re back! Livestream services will resume this Friday August, 20th, 2021 at 8 PM EST, regular time. Hope to see everyone there! #Yahuweh #Yahweh #YHWH #Yahushua #Yeshua #God #Jesus #Christ #Church #Scripture #Bible #Messianic #FaithContinue Reading

We regret to inform you that there will be no livestream service on 8/6 or 8/13.

The next episode in the Godhead series will be on binitarianism. Although there would be no issue in explaining the concept, we have found it difficult to find any history or information. As such, we have decided to postpone the next episode until ……………Continue Reading

There will be no livestream this Friday, 7/9/21, due to being on vacation this week. We hope to be back up and going next week, 7/16/21, like usual though. Have a great week, have a great and restful Shabbat, and we’ll see you next week. Shalom!Continue Reading