Messianic Passover haggadah for the night of the Passover seder. Passover is a wonderful and joyous celebration of the power, majesty, & benevolence of Yahweh. Our Messiah Yahushua Himself kept Passover as an example for us to emulate before becoming the Passover Lamb for our sins by dying through crucifixion.Continue Reading

He was the greatest man to ever live. The only prophet greater than Moses. The only man who was ever sinless and perfect. He is the only brought forth son of Yahweh and He accomplished something that no one else could ever have done. He died for OUR sins andContinue Reading

So you have heard the term “Messianic”. Maybe someone you know stated that they are Messianic or maybe you ran across someone in your daily travels that said they are Messianic. But what IS Messianic? What do Messianics believe? How are Messianics different from Christians or are Messianics different at all? During this article we are going to explore and go over the Messianic movement, what it is, and what Messianics believe.Continue Reading