The second of the patriarchs, Isaac, plays an important role in the scriptures. His life and his story are connected even with the life and story of our Messiah Yahushua. So join us as we learn more about Isaac, his life, and his connection with our Messiah. Come learn the truth with us: the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading

Homosexuality is a hot and highly debated topic nowadays. We’ve known about those who choose the homosexual lifestyle for thousands of years. But are all the traditional notions about homosexuality outdated? As the basis for our beliefs and the basis of morality, what does scripture have to say about the issue of homosexuality? Join us tonight as we learn the truth: the God’s Honest Truth.Continue Reading

As we read through scripture we come across the topic of fasting, but what do we really know about fasting? In this episode we will be going over fasting from a health and scriptural standpoint point with lots and lots of scripture and information. So be sure to join us as we learn more about this fascinating, healthy and scriptural subject. Join us as we seek the truth: the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading

Hell – It’s a scary place of eternal torment complete with fiery torture and ruled over by the devil himself who makes hell his home. Or is it really? What does scripture have to say about hell? What is meant by “hell” anyways? Join us as we learn the truth about what scripture states about hell. Come with us as we learn the truth: the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading

The Torah: commonly known as the first five books of the Bible. Some say it was given to the Jews at Mount Sinai, but was later done away with at the crucifixion of Messiah. Others say that the Torah was never changed or done away with. Even our Messiah had important things to say about the Torah. There’s even evidence that the Torah MAY have been in existence before Mount Sinai. But what is the real story here? Join us as we learn the truth about the Torah: the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading

Scripture reveals that Yahuweh Himself instituted a day of rest every single week. But what day of the week is it exactly? Is it Sunday, Saturday, or some other day? Did the Sabbath day change at some point? Join us tonight as we learn what scripture says about the sabbath day and also some of the history surrounding the sabbath. Come learn the truth with us: the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading

Life before birth tends to be a highly impassioned topic. Advocates on both sides of the issue vigorously attempt to defend their position. As members of the body of Messiah, we need to base any position we have on what scripture states. But what does scripture say about the topic of abortion and life before birth? There are some within the body that believe that scripture is either silent or arguable on the subject. Join us as we learn what scripture has to say about abortion and life before birth. Come learn the truth with us: the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading

It’s that time of year again! We absolutely love Passover and glad it’s here. Tonight is the Passover seder so we will be attending that tonight and will not be available for a live stream. In addition, we’re sure that most of you will be attending Passover seders as well. So we might do a stream tomorrow. Maybe, maybe not. Just make sure that you’re subscribed to both our YouTube channel and our Facebook page. That way if we do a stream tomorrow, you’ll be notified and be able to attend. But until we meet again, Shabbat Shalom, Shavua Tov, and Chag Sameach!Continue Reading

Easter: a time for some to think about the resurrection of a Messiah or for some to honor the goddess of fertility. But are both right? Is one right and one wrong? Where did the holiday of easter come from? What about the customs and traditions that we associate with easter? What does scripture have to say about easter? Join us as we learn more about this long held holiday. Join us as we learn the truth: the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading

Some 2,000 years ago lived a man that would change the course of history and the world forever. Commonly known by the name of Jesus, His actual name being Yahushua, became one of the most well known, if not the most well known man in all of history. But who was this man who changed the world? What do you know about Yahushua of Natsereth? And what does scripture say about Him? Join us as we learn together more about the only man who was perfect and sinless. Continue Reading

Despite secular accusations, scripture is not misogynistic. The story behind Purim is further evidence of that. A young woman who becomes queen of an empire and risks her own life to save an entire people when she could have had whatever else she wanted. That’s the story of Purim. Join us we learn more about this important event in scripture, in history, and what it means to us today.Continue Reading

As one of the more well known prophets of Yahuweh, Noah is most remembered for building a great ark and surviving the world wide flood that destroyed all living things not on the ark, including the dinosaurs. But that is just the summary of the life of one of the great men of scripture. Join us as we learn more about the life and events of the man called Noah.Continue Reading

At one time there was a fad going around in the christian community. People would wear various items like bracelets, hats, shirts, etc with the letters WWJD on these items. The acronym stood for “What Would Jesus Do?”. It was meant to be a reminder for people to remember what Jesus did and for them to tailor their lives and decisions according to that of Jesus.

However, all of this was unnecessary and subpar as Yahuweh Himself had already implemented a method for remembrance thousands of years ago. Join us as we learn more about tzitzit from the scriptures and one of the ways to tie a tzitzit.
Continue Reading

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We wear head coverings of many kinds from hats to helmets to much more. Various cultures and religions even have commonly accepted and even prescribed head covering practices. Even scripture mentions the topic of head coverings. But what does scripture convey about head coverings and how does that apply to us today? Join us as we learn together, the God honest truth contained within scripture regarding head coverings.Continue Reading

Different denominations have different ideas about what salvation is. But how many of them come close to what the scriptures say that salvation is? How close does your idea of salvation come to scripture? Join us as we examine this very important scriptural subject. Let’s learn the God honest truth together.Continue Reading

This is a 3D rendition of the temple menorah. Created by God Honest Truth using Blender 3.0, Cycles render engine, and Davinci Resolve. All rights reserved.

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Today Christmas is a holiday well known by Christians and non-christians alike. It’s a season that places retail companies back in the black and decorates houses with lights and various attractions. But did you know that Christmas was not always celebrated by Christians and that Christmas was even outlawed at one point in time? Join us as we learn more about this holiday and this tradition, the scriptures related to Christmas, as well as the history surrounding Christmas. Come learn the God Honest Truth with us.Continue Reading

There is no drash with this stream. Given the amount of information needed to be presented with the “What Happens When We Die?” and the Thanksgiving holiday, we were not able to properly get the drash ready in time. However, we hope to have that drash for you next week.Continue Reading