When thinking about life we ultimately come to think about death. And by extension we consider what happens after death. Our current traditional way of thinking leads us to think of a place of paradise or a place of torment. However, as the faithful we should always base our beliefs and doctrines on scripture itself: the word of Yahweh.

But when considering the concept of hell, what do we really know? What does scripture tell us that “hell” really is? Join us for this teaching as we dive into the subject of hell and learn from the scriptures the truth about what hell is. Join us as we learn the God Honest Truth about hell.
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King Saul is not generally counted amongst the great men of scripture and for good reason. However, there are still things that we can learn from the life and reign of the first king of Israel. Join us in this teaching as we learn more about the life and times of King Saul. Join us as we learn the truth: the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading

Shavuot, the feast of weeks, and sometimes referred to as “pentecost”. It occurs some 50 days after Pesach (Passover), but what is Shavuot all about anyways? What is significant about it and how does it connect to our Messiah, Yahushua? Join us as we learn more about this feast day. Come with us as we learn the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading

The Noachide laws, otherwise known as the Noahide laws, the Seven Laws of Noah, the Noachian Laws, or the Noachide Code, are a set of requirements known by some in a positive light, by some in a negative light, by some in a neutral light, and still completely unknown to others. There seems to be a lot of confusion and misinformation about the noachide laws out there on the internet.

So what are the Noachide laws and how should we view them? More importantly, what does Scripture have to say? Join us for this teaching as we explore what the Noachide laws are, the history of the Noachide laws, and what is being said about them. Join us as we learn the truth: the God Honest Truth.
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The prophet Samuel was the last of the judges of Israel and anointed the first two kings of Israel. But how much do you really know about the mighty man of Yahweh? Join us as we learn more about Samuel and his life. Join us as we learn the truth: the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading

The Torah: commonly known as the Pentateuch and also the “Law”. The Torah consists of the first five books of the Bible. Some say it was given to the Jews at Mount Sinai, but was later done away with at the crucifixion of Messiah. Others say that the Torah was never changed or done away with. Even our Messiah had important things to say about the Torah. There’s even evidence that the Torah MAY have been in existence before Mount Sinai.

But what is the real story here? Has the Torah been done away with or is the Torah still relevant in our lives today? Join us as we learn the truth about the Torah: the God Honest Truth.
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Life before birth tends to be a highly impassioned topic. Advocates on both sides of the issue vigorously attempt to defend their position. As members of the body of Messiah, we base the position we have on what scripture states. But what does scripture say about the topic of abortion and life before birth?

There are some within the body that believe that scripture is either silent or arguable on the subject. Join us as we learn what scripture has to say about abortion and life before birth. Come learn the truth with us: the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading

It is referred to as the holiest day on the church calendar. Although it is not as big as Christmas, it is still a huge day for commercial sales. Christians dress up in new fancy clothes, display images of sentient rabbits and hares, and decorate eggs with all sorts of elaborate colors and designs. It is the holiday of Easter.

And although it is supposed to commemorate the resurrection of Messiah, why is it celebrated with images and symbols not found in scripture as well as normally not being celebrated on the annual anniversary of Messiah’s resurrection? Join us for this teaching about Easter as we delve into scripture and history to learn more about this “holiest day” on the church’s calendar. Join us as we learn the truth: the God Honest Truth.
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He was the greatest man to ever live. The only prophet greater than Moses. The only man who was ever sinless and perfect. He is the only brought forth son of Yahweh and He accomplished something that no one else could ever have done. He died for OUR sins andContinue Reading

One of the strongest men to ever live, a one man army, a judge of Israel, and a servant of Yahuweh. This is the life of Samson the man who started the liberation of Israel from the Philistines. Join us for this lesson as we learn about the life of Samson, points we can learn from his life, and how he is a type and shadow of Yahushua. Come with us as we learn the truth: the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading

Despite secular accusations, scripture is not misogynistic. The story behind Purim is further evidence of that. A young woman who becomes queen of an empire and risks her own life to save an entire people when she could have had whatever else she wanted. That’s the story of Purim.

Join us as we learn more about this important event in scripture, in history, and what it means to us today. Let’s learn the truth together: the God Honest Truth.
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We wear head coverings of many kinds from hats to helmets to much more. Various cultures and religions even have commonly accepted and even prescribed head covering practices. Even scripture mentions the topic of head coverings. But what does scripture convey about head coverings and how does that apply to us today? Join us as we learn together, the God honest truth contained within scripture regarding head coverings.Continue Reading

It’s an age-old holiday that we all know about and most of us probably have, or still do, celebrate Valentine’s day. There’s the focus on love and romance, but have we ever really questioned the holiday of Valentine’s day? How does Valentine’s day line up with our faith and the Bible? What’s the history behind Valentine’s day and should true believers participate in this holiday?

Those are the questions we are going to answer in this teaching. We are going to examine historical evidence and scripture to find out how, or if, Valentine’s day should fit in with our lives and our faith. So join us as we learn the truth about Valentine’s day. Join us as we learn the God Honest Truth.
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Do you ever wonder what salvation is? Ever had someone tell you that you weren’t saved because you didn’t believe the things they did? Different denominations have different ideas about what salvation is. But how many of them come close to what the scriptures actually say that salvation is? How close does your idea of salvation come to scripture?

In this episode we will be diving into the foundation of truth, the foundation of our beliefs, the Bible to discover what salvation is and how to obtain salvation. Join us as we examine this very important scriptural subject. Let’s learn the God honest truth together.
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What does the bible say about consuming alcohol? Some people say that we shouldn’t consume alcohol whatsoever. Some say that the “alcohol” mentioned in the Bible was actually just non-alcoholic grape juice. And still others say that the Bible does not prohibit the consumption of alcohol. But who is right and what does scripture actually say?Continue Reading

There are many traditions from many cultures from many different points in time. But what about some of the traditions that we hold to today? Which ones come from scripture and are accurate and which ones aren’t? Join us as we explore some of these traditions that we in the faith hold to.Continue Reading

Scripture speaks very often about sin and it’s a word that is spoken in churches on a regular basis. But what is sin? There are some who believe that what is sin for one person is not sin for another person. Then there are some who believe that sin is defined by the teachings of their pastor and/or denomination. And there are even some people who say that the Bible defines sin. But who’s correct?Continue Reading

Today Christmas is a holiday well known by Christians and non-christians alike. It’s a season that places retail companies back in the black and decorates houses with lights and various attractions. But did you know that Christmas was not always celebrated by Christians and that Christmas was even outlawed at one point in time? At multiple points in history it was Christians who opposed Christmas. Join us as we learn more about this holiday and this tradition, the scriptures related to Christmas, as well as the history surrounding Christmas. Come learn the truth with us: the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading

It’s the festival of lights! But there’s more to this holiday than just songs and food. There is an amazing history behind Hanukkah and how this holiday came about. Join us as we learn more about this truly incredible holiday connected with our Messiah Yahushua. Join us as we learn the truth: the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading

She was a woman selected by Yahweh to lead and rule Israel against a powerful oppressor. She held the title of prophetess, wife, & ruler/judge all the same time. She helped to deliver the Israelites into a period of peace that lasted forty years. Her name is Deborah is all about her, her life, and her accomplishments. Join us as we learn the truth about Deborah: the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading

He followed one of the greatest prophets of all time. He was the first to lead the Israelites into the promised land after they came out of Egypt and made it through the wilderness. He was one of only 2 spies out of a group of 12 who held to faith in Yahuweh that He would deliver the people into the promised land. His name was Joshua and he was Moses’ second in command. Join us as we learn about Joshua. Join us as we learn the truth: the God Honest Truth.Continue Reading

Halloween is an old tradition dating back thousands of years. It always comes around on the same date, October 31, of every year making it easy to remember. And it’s a tradition that is celebrated not only by pagans, wiccans, and atheists, but also by some Christians as well. But where did this old tradition come from? What is it meant to symbolize? What does scripture have to say about this holiday? Join us as we learn together about Halloween and what scripture says about this tradition.Continue Reading